Dr Lipp

Motion Graphics • Product Photography • Facebook Carousel Ads • Artworking • Website Management
Dr Lipp provide 100% natural, multi-use skincare solutions that simplify your skincare routine. Cubiq rebranded Dr Lipp to help them reach buyers from major retailers and I produced a range of marketing assets to use across their digital channels whilst remaining faithful to their new identity.
Dr Lipp nipple balm and moisturising tints

Making the brand more visible

The needs of the client was pretty straightforward with regards to their product photography as much of the leg work was completed at the post-processing phase. This entire process involved shooting each product at one angle on a white background in the studio, then finally retouching each image making cut-outs, colour correcting and removing any imperfections on the tube itself.
Illustrated website banner with product photography
Facebook carousel advert
Facebook carousel advert design mockup on a smartphone.

Freshly designed

Having access to a library of freshly designed illustrations, fonts and graphics at my fingertips, I was able to use these elements with my product photography for the creation of website banners, Facebook Carousel Ads and stop-motion teaser animations.
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